Did you receive this drop card ?

Show Homes Needed In The Waikato

You can SAVE over $3,000 using our spring offer this month.

THIS IS A COMPLETE home makeover of the ALL your oxidized and faded joinery, including your metal guttering AND a restored and coated roof using the premier Nutech roofing product. 

ALL THIS FOR JUST $8,750 + gst  for ‘Show Homes’ in Waikato

Added individually these 2 home improvement restoration services would normally be over $12,000 for a single story 4/5 bedroom, 230 sqm home . . . . BUT THIS MONTH WITH THESE DROP CARDS AND OUR DOOR TO DOOR CANVASS TEAM IN YOUR AREA, you can take advantage of this amazing
 ‘Show Home’ offer.

If your roof and joinery looks anything like any of the following THEN CALL US, this could be an amazing restoration offer for you.

What if you don't meet the criteria for our offer can you still become a 'Show Home' and receive a discount ?

No problem, let us know ‘HOW ‘ you don’t meet it and we can chat about it. Is it a 2 storey home ? larger then the 230 sqm ? or you may have byfolds and a double garage door as well.
Call us as if you have a great location or the before and after videos and pictures would be fantastic, then call us as the additional might not be too much extra cost. 

Can I just have my roof coated ?

Can I just have my joinery restored?

ABSOLUTELY .. Call us and we can arrange site visit and take it from there.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.