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Specialists In Onsite Spray Application to

Restore, Recolour & Clear Coat Protect


Gutters, soffits and downpipes cleaned 

Do you have mould, algee and gutters full of grime ?

IF YES, then call us as we are in the BN postcode areas this week softwash cleaning gutters, facias and soffits. 

Take A LOOK at some of these pictures and then walk outside and see if your gutters are due a softwash and gutter clean out.  We clean out the gutters and make them clear of debris and silt, the sort of stuff that lies there blocking the rainwater from draining away correctly.

We then offer a full agent cleaning process to tackle the unsightly moulds and algee that can ruin the look of your home everytime someone walks up to your front door.

Call us today on 0737 921 9400

Is The Outside Of Your Home Looking Tired And Dirty ? 

Is The Grass Growing In Your Gutter Yet ?

Go on, take a look up and see if you have some vegitation 
It's hard these days not to get growth in the gutters if they are filled with old decomposing leaves, tile silt and a never ending supply of bird droppings containing seed that washes down to settle in gutters and grow.  It's a perfect hot bed and situation for grasses to grow. 

How much do we charge for a gutter clean out service ? 

YES you read that correct, starting from £20 we simply add just £1.00 per linear meter for the rest of the home.

* Double Storey homes start at £30.00 then £1.00 per linear meter thereafter. 

Simply add up the meterage around your home and there's the price for our full gutter cleaning service

Take a look at these pictures and see the difference a good soft wash system can do.  Algee, mould, fungus, moss and road side dirt and grim can all play a part in the discolouring effect of your home. 


Based in Brighton we are helping the elderly keep gutters and sofits clean from mould, dirt and blocking,  the busy who just do not have time to clean the outside of their homes, and the risk adverse who'd rather pay us to get up ladders and heights to make their homes look suoer clean again.  

Costs :  Single story bungalow from = £155.00
Double storey site viewing needed.  Call 
0737 921 9400

Exterior Home Cleaning in Sussex

 * Double storey homes can vary in price due to unforseen access and complexities due to conservatories, extensions etc. Therefore the cost above is a good starting point guide that could vary once onsite before any works are started.

* Single storey bungalows can also incur ammendments if access is compremised due to extensions and conservatories. Again should this happen a price  will be given before any works are started.

* All home exterior softwashes are priced on a site visit but start from the bungalow price of 195.00 

​​​​​​​* Payments are in full after completion of any cleaning undertaken on the same day. 
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