Have Your Garage Door
Looking Brand New
For Less Then You May Think

Karaka Green Garage

This was a very oxidized 20 year old garage in Hamilton. Completed FREE OF CHARGE as customer had the entire home joinery restored having attempted a DIY job and realizing it takes more then a can of lacquer spray !

  • Prepared For Spray Painting
  • Feathered In Matching Colour
  • 2 x Clear Coat Top Coats Sprayed
  • 4 x Neighbour Referrals as a result
Ironsand Garage Door Transformed In 1 x Day

We literally completed a neighbours home opposite and got called over due to seeing the amazing results we achieved
This one came up even better  !

  • Front Of Home Large Garage Door
  • Just 16 years Old & Very Bad
  • High Gloss 'Wet Look' Chosen
  • Another Garage Transformed For Less Then $500 Saving Thousands If New Replacement Was Needed
New Denim Blue x 2

Flagstaff area in Hamilton.
This homes joinery was one of the worst we have undertaken and BOTH garages needed a new colour spray paint before the top clear coat protection

  • Prepared and primer coats
  • 2 x new colour top coats
  • 2 x clear coat protection
  • Another very happy customer who saved thousands IF she went new replacement instead of using us
Nearly Pink To Rich Blue
Any amazing transformation in just 4 hours Off Thomas Av Hamilton
This needed a complete restore and re spray
Looks Better Eh ?
Then applied Our Clear Coat Protection
Customer Saved $1,500 instead of replacing new
Before And After
Completed in One Full Day
The 50 / 50 Look
1st Stage Preparation
The 50 / 50 Look
1st Stage Preparation
The 50 / 50 Look
1st Stage Preparation
Amazing Transformation Again
Every Client Loves The Results
Another Restored Like New
Protected Against Future Oxidization
Alkalising Chemical Clean
Stage 1 Before Applying Cleat Coat Protection
Needing A Bit More Work
1st Stage Preparation
Red Gone Pink !
We Took It Back To This >>
Looks Red Again
Completed in One Full Day

Rich Blue Garage Door Going Pink In Places

Another very badly oxidized garage door in need of some attention and the customer was amazed at it’s new original colour once completed. A Great Looking New Door for less then $500 – A Bargin !

  • Stage 1 Alkalizing Chemical Prep
  • Machine prepared Due To Oxidization
  • 2 x Top Coat Clear Protection Spray Applied
  • 5 x Neighbour Requests From This 1 x job

New Denim Blue

This garage restoration in Western Heights, Hamilton lead to over 8 jobs within walking distance. AN AMAZING transformation in a great location for many to see because the oxidization was so bad to begin with.
A Show Home price of less then $500 was snapped up by the owner who then had other windows and work done as a result.

  • Fully Prepared And Cut Back
  • Top Clear Coat Spray Applied

2 x New Denim Blue Garages Same House

YES – we understand that seeing so many amazing Before & After results of the restoration videos we achieve on both garage doors and whole home joinery can become boring to view, BUT every job we’ve done creates the same positive result for the customer and it will for you to.

WE LOVE to see the surprise and joy in the customers face when they see the end results and their new vibrant and protected joinery or garage door again.   

Ironsand Door Transformed

Yet another a garage door completed just a couple of doors away in the same street in Hamilton. The customers were over joyed with how good their garage door looks now, esp as it sits right at the front of the home and is so prominent on entry

  • Fully Prepared Stage 1 Etch Coat
  • 2 x Top Clear Coat Potection
  • Less Then $500 Fully Restored
VERY BAD Karaka Green

Pitted metal and in dire need of a face lift or replacement. This customer responded to a drop card in the letter box and so began a new Karaka colour re-spray along with our clear coat protection SAVED THEM just on $1,500 against a new replacement.
Very happy customers indeed – Hamilton

  • Fully preparation machine rub down
  • Primer coat for coloursteel door
  • Newly Sprayed Karaka Green Paint
  • 2 x Clear Coat Top Protection Applied
Yet Another Karaka Green Garage Oxidized In 12 Yrs

Just 12 years old this door was a shocker and let the whole front of home down.
It was transformed in 1 x day and still looks great 2 x years on. How do I know that?

It’s my own garage door 😉

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