Restore your existing roof and protect it for years to come as we are Nutech's registered roof coating applicators in the Waikato

Nutech’s roof coatings are water-based, special purpose products, designed to seal and fix to metal, Decramastic, cement and concrete roof surfaces. Clay tiles will also restore to a stunning finish and future protection along with oxidised colour roofs due to New Zealand’s harsh weather conditions. Whether you need a metal roof coating, a concrete tile coating, or clay tile restoration, Restore and Recolour are here to help you find the perfect option and colour to fit your needs.

Over 45 years of technical knowledge and experience

Nutech Paint products are designed and manufactured in Australia to the highest standards that ensure longevity and unrivaled performance in all conditions. All Nutech products utilise advanced technology and polymer science. These outstanding products are now available in New Zealand for approved and specialist applicators using the latest in airless spraying equipment to deliver perfect results on every application.

Nutech’s advanced range has evolved as a result of substantial application experience, market research and manufacturing excellence to be not only one of Australia’s best coating ranges but exported to 21 countries throughout the world and chosen as the preferred roof coating for over 750,000 roofs across all weather spectrum’s.

Conscious of our environmental impact many of our products are now available in an aqueous solution without solvent content providing an environmentally friendly water-based alternative based upon very low VOC technology

Our 7 step process to a successful restoration and finish

Coating your roof every five to eight years will help reduce the need for future repairs and ensure your property looks well maintained all year round. As part of the Nutech approved applicators process we  follow a proven 7-step process for coating roofs, no matter whether your roof is made up of tiles or long run iron the quality of finish is in the preparation.
  1. Cleaning  
  2. Roof repairs
  3. Ridge-cap repairs
  4. Re-pointing with Nutech flexible point
  5. Priming
  6. First colour coat
  7. Second colour coat
Weather permitting this 7 step process should take no longer than one week to complete. Once your roof is finished, inspected and signed off as complete, you are issued our full 10 year manufacturer’s warranty.

The Next Generation In Roof Coating Technology

Is you roof looking tired, worn, faded and in need of some serious TLC ?
Nutech’s coatings are specialty formulated primers and sealers for all roofing surfaces that we find here in New Zealand.
Our 7 step roofing restoration and coating system is extremely weather resistant, durable and will stand the test of time. In fact we are so confident in the process, the product and our workmanship that Nutech will offer you a full 10 year product warranty from date of completion. 

Just as we do when restoring oxidized and faded joinery, our team of professionals take care and pride in obtaining outstanding results for the homeowner. To achieve this we don’t cut corners with inferior products, we believe in using the best products on the market and doing the job right first time. 
IF YOU ARE NOT HAPPY with the end result, we do it all again – FREE OF CHARGE   

TileFlex is no ordinary paint.
This revolutionary coating combines advanced technology developed exclusively by Nutech Paint over more than 40 years with the special properties of surface cleaning Nano Technology to deliver superior performance.

Nutech Paint have spent years developing TileFlex roof coating, which will stay cleaner and retain gloss longer than any conventional acrylic roof coating.

Independent CSIRO1 testing has conclusively shown that the surface friction of TileFlex is substantially reduced by the unique properties of surface cleaning Nano Technology.

Special polymers used in the manufacture of TileFlex and a low level of surface friction enables the coating to repel moisture, dirt and contamination. This will greatly improve the appearance and function of your roof.

Further testing has shown that TileFlex has superior gloss, early water resistance and film drying speed compared to other acrylic coatings enhancing appearance and application properties.
TileFlex provides significantly more gloss on application and will maintain an attractive new looking roof appearance better than any other acrylic roof coating.

To reduce the damaging effects of the harsh New Zealand environment, Nutech has used the latest technology to impregnate TileFlex with surface cleaning Nano Technology.
This innovation guarantees that TileFlex sets new standards in roof coating performance, maximizing the durability and total waterproof protection.

There are two important reasons why you should restore your roof and not leave it until it’s damaged and too late.

Firstly, the appearance of your home is greatly improved with a clean glossy coloured roof.

Secondly, and more importantly, a durable coating protects your roof from the effects of ageing. All exterior surfaces and coatings undergo an ageing process caused by moisture, UV light radiation, temperature extremes, dirt, pollution, moss, lichen and bacteria. This ageing can result in gloss reduction, chalking, discoloration, blistering, flaking, loss of adhesion, and unsightly moss and lichen build up resulting in general coating failure.

The key to the success of TileFlex is its amazing ability to resist the causes of ageing better than any other acrylic roof coating. TileFlex uses a unique system of surface cleaning Nano Technology to repel dirt pick up and contamination.

TileFlex contains highly effective polymer preservatives which provide long lasting broad spectrum, algaecide and fungicide protection to prevent polymer discoloration and deterioration and moss and lichen growth. Unlike many other roof coatings, TileFlex is also user friendly because it does not contain environmentally harmful formaldehyde preservatives.

TileFlex is suitable for the collection of drinking water.

TileFlex contains UV resistant non-fading pigments and tough flexible 100% acrylic polymers which will transform any roof into an attractive and functional surface.
TileFlex is guaranteed not to peel, fade or crack subject to correct surface preparation by their approved applicators.

** With Restore and Recolour using the Nutech TileFlex coating you can be confident that we will obtain “a perfect finish” every time.

These videos are from an applicators in the USA. It highlights the product coverage not the applicator method. We will always use safety harness and barriers with overspray protection boards around guttering. We also replace broken tiles and re point using a flexi mortar along the ridge and hip tiles, but you get the idea of how good the product application method is.  Oh and we will always leave a few spare tiles already sprayed just in case you need to replace a couple one day.