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Specialists In Onsite Spray Application to

Restore, Recolour & Clear Coat Protect

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Pest Control 

One of the first things I learn to spray was pest's.  Yep that's right,  a few years ago a friend of mine in pest control needed some help as he was entering what he called  'the busy season'  I soon learnt that meant flies, cockroaches and white tail spiders around people's homes, he was right and it got busy. 

I sat the courses and become certified for urban pest control.

That means today I can also offer a pest control service at the same time, or as a stand alone service. 

See my other web site for details and how I can offer an 'ORGANIC NON TOXIC​​​​​​​' solution to kill spiders, roaches and other creepy crawlies.   Click below​​​​​​​


Fully Certified Pest Control. We kill flies, spiders, cockroaches, ants, fleas and wasps around your home

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