Dents, rust, cracks and lost chippings fully restored like new AND up to 70% cheaper then a replacement roof

Many decramastic roofs ‘seem‘ to have gone beyond the point of repair to the eye of many homeowners – when in fact, on review many of these roofs are still able to be perfectly restored SAVING THOUSANDS of dollars for the home owners in the process.

At lot of these damages originate from careless foot traffic across the tin tile due to not being walked on the tiles correctly.

If you have creases and dents in your tiles you’ve probably had them walked over and damaged right ?   They can be fixed.


A pressure clean and water ‘soft blast’ across the entire roof including the ‘nose edge‘ of the overlapping sheet. Soft pressure eliminates excess stone chip loss in the process

This is extremely important as it prevents that ‘nose edge’ from turning black later on in the future.

The gutters will then be cleaned out of any stones, debris, leaves etc. Fungicide is then applied if previous fungi is evident.

Dent Repairs

Most of those dents you see can be pulled out with a ‘dent puller’ tool. Re-nail where needed and IF real damage has occurred across a number of tiles, then an entire tile length can be replaced. 

Splits or holes can be repaired and filled with  a paintable epoxy resins to ensure that there will be no future leaks to that area after top coating.

Rust inhibitors and primers used at this stage before coating application 

Tape & Protect

PRIOR to any topcoat spraying protection takes place. 

Plastic drop sheets, edge and gutter boards and masking tapes are used to protect walls, windows, pergola roofs, etc

IF there is a swimming pool in the garden we use a large  heavy duty tarpaulin over the pool to stop any over spray or chippings that might bounce off the roof in application and enter the pool.


1st Coat
The first coat is an anti corrosive metal primer over the entire roof. At this stage we can also sprinkle the granule chips where they are missing and to match the original appearance of the roof

2nd Coat 
This is actually the first coat of the ‘finish topcoats‘ that are applied to get that great looking new roof finish and protection

3rd Coat
This is the final top coat applied once the fist if completely dry

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Why use Nutech’s roof coatings on decramstic roofs ?
The Nutech products are a water-based, special purpose product, designed to seal and fix to metal, Decramastic, cement and concrete roof surfaces. Whether you need a metal roof coating, an asphalt roof coating or a concrete tile coating, at Restore and Recolour roof coatings will help you find the perfect option and colour for your needs.
With more than 36 colours to choose from, including reflective roof paints to deflect our harsh summer sun, we really do have you covered.