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Specialists In Onsite Spray Application to

Restore, Recolour & Clear Coat Protect

HOW TO GET OUR SPECIALS  - And what you'd agree to

Our Restore Clear Coatings literally transforms homes and is very visual in application & finished results, so to get the word out and share this approach with others locally, nothing beats a good show home project with before and after pictures plus video 

Are you happy to do these for your savings ? 

1)  BEFORE and AFTER photo's that you agree we can use for future marketing campaigns  

2)  Video the process. We video before, during and after so we can use to show others the processes applied 

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As mentioned we look for a number of 'show homes ' to market from in a given postcode and suburb area. 
We do this for a number of reasons.

1)  It's cost effective for both US and YOU. Quite simply people want to save money whilst getting the best job possible and we need to advertise as a business to show this amazing product alternative, so it creates

win-win for us both.

2) Local neighbours do not have to travel far in order to see one of our restoration applications AND it's easier to market online into a geograhic suburb then a broad sweep newspaper or radio campaign.

3) Our home site boards generate enquiries from others passing your home. These are very visual and we'd rather have those working daily as advertising then a one off newspaper advert. 

3 ) Written testimonial.  We'd like a hand written letter after the work is completed on what you thought of         the workmanship, the entire process and  how you found us as a company to work with. (That makes us be extra sharp, ha )

4 ) Own a Facebook and social media account ?   IF YES, then we would like you to add a couple of pics of the job with some comments after the works to support our local marketing campaigns in that suburb and area.

5 ) Are you happy to talk to neighbours ?  Don't panic, we're not asking if they can come to tea with you, simply if        we had a potential customer in your postcode that wanted to view a completed application or talk to a customer would you be happy to do this on a pre arranged time and appointment date.  ( rarely happens, but just in case

​​​​​​​6 ) A 600 x 600 advertising site board outside your home for 4 -6 weeks after the job has been completed.
     This is a simple coreflute sign placed roadside to show others our fantastic work and your fresh new look

​​​​​​​7 ) Shhhhsss... Keep the money saved a secret.  The advertising campaigns we run in a postcode area are for a max of 3-6 different type jobs only and then we market to that greater area from those jobs using different online and offline advertising methods to create more continued work.

​​​​​​​WE CAN NOT  give every home owner this win-win incentive, therefore if you can and want to take               advantage of a particular monthly promotion when we run them,  we ask that you share the great news about your new  refurbed joinery, but not  the super promo price you'll recieved as part of a marketing promotion.

If YES and you want to refurb your joinery or garage door click below for todays specials or call :   027 234 8006