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Specialists In Onsite Spray Application to

Restore, Recolour & Clear Coat Protect

Restoring OLD RED Oxidised Joinery - Clear Coatings 

Amazing Results In Hamilton  -   Must Read

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Transform your fading & oxidised frames for a fraction of the price of a full replacement.
Call for a quote today .  
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A 24 yr old home in Hamilton was in need of a make over on the now 'PINK' Oxidized joinery

Options and COSTS for the project were as follows :

1) A quote for NEW RED replacement windows, doors and ranch sliders came in at over $27,000 fully installed.

The Owners responce  Er....  thanks but NO.

2) A quote for keeping existing frames but having it completely re- painted in a NEW RED covering by an Auckland based paint company came in at $13,267 + gst. 

The Owners responce  ummm.. That's 50% cheaper then replacement costs, but still way out of our budget.

3) A drop card landed in the letterbox and a quick look at this web site plus a phone call resulted in a home visit and the price was quoted at $5,300 to restore and clear coat the entire existing joinery.

The Owners responce :  YES we are very keen as our budget was around the 5k to 6k... BUT what if we were happy to be a show home as per the web site offering ?

Knowing this 'old red, now pink oxidized home' would look amazing and its location was super for others to view, we offered the owner a complete joinery restoration job for less the $4,000 as a 'Show Home Offer'

The Owners responce :   WOW,  that's amazing, I'll agree to that, the job is yours and how quick can you start !

With our specialist clear coatings on windows, joinery, sliders, gutters, and garages you'll have MASSIVE SAVINGS, sometimes as save as much as 80% ocompared with replacing from new.  The is a 24 yr old home in HAMILTON, in the Waikato 

We are helping home owners save THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS each week in areas like yours

Ian a home owner from Hamilton, just saved over $1,300 OFF

our standard pricing to become a 'SHOW HOME' for us. 

Are you happy to do like wise ?

Can you make a decision within the next 30 Days ?  

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After Clear Coat 

Don't replace - - Let Us RESTORE

  • Our Clear coatings are a beautiful crystal covering that enhances and brings back to life old faded joinery 
  • Applied as a single coat protective application our coatings are made up of a blend of polymer resins in a solvent base with additives to protect metals from the harsh oxidation and U.V. we experience here in New Zealand.
  • We offer both Natural gloss and a Satin finish by spraying with a HVL process both on and offsite.   
  • We can apply our clear coatings to many surfaces as they have excellent adhesion on all types of metal and some types of plastics, vinyls and other substrates.
  • Being homogenous, our single part coatings have nothing to mix,  therefore do not seperate when spray applied. This gives a supurb finish everytime when professionally applied by our applicators
  • If the Satin finish is required then there is a 10% loading due to the product being mixed PRIOR to any application and being allowed to settle for 24hrs before use. This means it is batch made for every job, thus the extra little cost. 
  • Our Clear protective coatings are non-conductive and will prevent corrosion caused by dis-similar metals.
  • Our Clear coatings remain flexible meaning they don't chip, crack or peel.
  • New Zealand is know for it's harsh U.V. Our clear coat application will not discolor or yellow with exposure or our extreames.
  • OLD & Oxidised ?  When refinish faded surfaces and restore the original color and protect from continued sun fading, salt air oxidation, moisture damage, tarnish, acid rain and other damaging elements. 
  • The coating we apply IS NOT like lacquers or urathanes that will yellow and discolor with exposure to the NZ sun.

While other clear coats may be U.V.stable, many do not have the U.V. absorbers in them that protect the colors behind the coating like the ones we use. WE ONLY use the very best product on the market and our clear coating has U.V. absorbers and Anti-oxidants to protect the metal or paint behind the clear coating from discoloration and corrosion.​​​​​​​

About Our Protective Clear Coatings​​​​​​​

Application Costs ?

Want to know how much your home would cost for us to clear coat and restore ?

A MUST SEE OLD GREEN  Oxidised Joinery Transformation

WOW - New Denim Blue  Oxidised Joinery Transformation

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AMAZING transformation just completed in Hamilton.   

Have you got 'OLD FADED BLUE' joinery ?

Then you HAVE TO SEE THIS transformation.

" Thank you very much for the job you completed this week on my home. When I saw the card in my letterbox I knew my home would make a good before and after show home for you as the windows were so bad and over 20 years old. BUT to see the end result is better then i imagined and to say I'm thrilled is an understatement.

You completed the job in a clean and tidy manner and without any fuss what so ever, I have already told my friends and would not hestitate to recommend your service.

​​​​​​​Again thank you very much .​​​​​​​

JJ -  Flagstaff, Hamilton

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Another Great Transformation just completed in Hamilton.   

"We are so pleased with the work and how you have restored all the windows and garage door to look like new again.

When we saw how you transformed a home around the corner from where we live we knew our old tired looking blue windows would come up looking like new  again... AND THEY DO 

Thank you again.​​​​​​​

Neville & Sue - Hamilton

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Unbelievable Transformation just completed in Hamilton.   

"We have tried numerous products  in the market to make good our problem and nothing  seemed to work the way we wanted it to.

We saw the results you achieved at a neighbours home and was immediatley convinced you had a solution to our needs.  The  finished result speaks for itself and we are over the moon,

Thank you very much. "

Gerald - Hamilton

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20 yrs of faded joinery now looks brand new again.  

This front of home was in need of some restoration due to long periods of  direct sunlight over 20 years. The end result was amazing and the client was over the moon.  The end result was better then their expectation and this video highlights the transformation you could expect on your faded joinery also. 


OMG - Iron Sand  Oxidised Joinery Transformation

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See a faded Ironsand colour become vibrant and new again.   

This home was approx 18 years old and the joinery had faded and oxidized to a 'silver and white ish' colour where the sun had beaten down for all those years. Having just completed a neighbours home the owners could immediatley see that the restoration would improve the overall look of their own ironsand faded joinery.


The video shows the results - WATCH 

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See another Ironsand home become vibrant and new again.   

This home was being refurbed and we happen to be in the area. The owner saw what we had achieved on a neighbours house and within a week we were doing the same restoration on their home to improve the faded and oxidized joinery.


AGAIN the owners we very pleased with the end result and commented that without doing the joinerythe outside would have continued to

' just look dull' ​​​​​​​- NOW it's vibrant and brilliant looking again. 


The video shows the results - WATCH 

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2 x videos - FRONT & BACK  -  Karaka Green Transformation - - - Truly Amazing

We are thrilled, enough said. !

The videos taken at the home should be enough for anyone with the same faded green to just do it, the outcome is truly transformational. We would have not hesitate recommending your service, thank you again Paul.

Gary & Margret- Hamilton