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Aluminium Restoration and Recolour Experts

Is your joinery looking old, faded, and oxidized from years of sun and weather damage? Has it seen better days and is now letting down the aesthetic appearance of your home?

If yes, don’t despair we have the perfect solution and have helped hundreds of homeowners across the Waikato, BOP and Auckland restore their joinery back to its original lustre and vibrant colour whilst saving them thousands of dollars in the process.

Faded and old oxidised joinery is a common problem with our harsh New Zealand climate. Our specialised 6 step formula and clear coat products not only recolours, but it also protects your aluminium against further oxidation for years to come. Why spend a fortune replacing with new when we can fully restore, with amazing results for a fraction of the price.

Once fully restored and looking new again, the excellent high UV properties used in our clear coatings maintain and protect your joinery against future sun oxidisation for many years to come.

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For a better understanding of our services and the results we achieve, watch some of our latest videos. Then feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions or you would like to discuss the pricing of a project for yourself. 

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Our Services

Our speciality would be in the residential market for homeowners, landlords and property developers who require old joinery to be restored or even recoloured instead of replacement for new. This service literally saves them thousands of dollars by comparison and looks fantastic when completed.

We also work with commercial enterprises from retail store owners and landlords expressing a need to colour change the joinery of their store front, to body corporations, retirement villages and insurance companies where claims are being made to repair or colour spray change old joinery for modernisation.
We have also completed specialist spraying application of our clear coating protection process on 5th wheelers, RV’s caravans, fishing boats etc.
Our processes have also been used to restore unique copper garage doors as well as the brass statue of Sir Colin Meads in Te Kuiti town centre. 


Restore Aluminium Window Frames NZ AFTER
Refurbish Aluminium Windows BEFORE

This is a 6 stage process of restoration and rejuvenation bringing back the original colour to the joinery around your home. Everything from restoring aluminium window frames and doors, to ranch sliders, bifolds, metal guttering and garage doors can all be restored and made to look like new. Every single customer is amazed by the results we achieve for them and as such we receive many referrals by their word of mouth. 


Recolour AFTER
Recolouring Aluminium Joinery Near Me BEFORE

This is a 8 stage process of NEW colour change and restoration  
This service is a full new colour change both inside and out of the old joinery giving your home a fresh and modern vibrant look. By painting aluminium windows, the transformation can be truly uplifting to the overall look of your home and the attention to detail means friends and family will think you have had a complete replacement all round.


Depending on which system you require from the choices above ( colour restoration or NEW colour transformation)  we have the knowledge, experience and work ethic to complete the process to the highest of standards. We ONLY use ‘top of the line‘ spray equipment for fine finish application and together with time tested commercial products you can be assured of stunning results everytime.

Commercial Services Aluminium Joinery


Our fast application works wonders for the big jobs when you want little disruption to your business. Make your shop front, office building, or any other commercial building stand-out against your competitors and neighbouring buildings.
An aluminium window recolouring to the joinery can really modernise the building fast and at a fraction of the cost of new replacement.  Call us today.


Restore your Garage Door

We love restoring garage doors!
The fastest way to ‘wow’ your neighbours and uplift the front of your home is by restoring your old, faded, oxidised garage door.  Just one day is usually all it takes but the end result is outstanding.
It’s like having a brand new $2,000 replacement door BUT without the $2,000 price tag to achieve it!

Literally for a few hundred dollars we can restore and transform that worn out garage door, not only to look new, fresh and vibrant again  BUT to add protection against future oxidisation for years to come as well.

Why Choose Us?

We are an independent family run business that strives to give the best quality work at affordable and reasonable prices. We know the value of referrals and tend to attain many from a single job. We treat EVERY restoration as a show piece and give it the maximum attention to detail. This means every job is outstanding for you the client OR we do it again!


We use top quality products and charge affordable prices


We guarantee customer satisfaction with the end result or we do it again

Workmanship Guaranteed

We turn up on time and complete the job with a personal and professional service

Service Area

We have restoration and recolouring applicators ready to attend all jobs in the Waikato, Auckland and in the Bay of Plenty areas.
If you live outside the ‘golden triangle‘ as it’s known and wish to enquire about our services, feel free to call as we are fully self sufficient with operational teams that can travel and stop over in a region. There are cost differences to factor of course BUT being a ‘niche specialist service provider‘ our needs are requested all up the costal towns in and around NZ.
If you have any questions or you would like to discuss one of our services, please give us a call on 027 234 8006.

Before & After

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We restore and recolour all joinery, windows, doors, garage’s – If it’s made of aluminium then we can restore it!

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