Restoring Oxidized Aluminium Joinery In The Waikato.

We restore all joinery, windows, doors, garage’s, if it’s made of aluminium then we can restore it.

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Affordable, Quality and Timely

We strive to meet our values that keep us true and our customers happy. We promise to give you the best prices and finish our work to the highest of quality and in a timely manner.

Off Thomas Av – Hamilton


The owners of this Rich Blue garage had never seen its original colour and were amazed with the end finish and new look.

Many neighbours watched the transformation that day and 4 had their own garages done as a direct result. One even had the entire home joinery done as well. 

We Fully Restore Faded and Oxidised Joinery To Look Brand New Again

Faded and old oxidised joinery is a common problem with our harsh New Zealand climate.
Our specialised 4 step formula and clear coat resins not only recolours, it future protects your aluminium against further oxidisation for years to come.  
Why spend a fortune replacing with new when we can fully restore, with amazing results for a fraction of the price.

Entire Home Joinery Restored

We re-colour and restore residential joinery in the Waikato & Auckland

Garage Doors Restored

Garage doors showcase the front of the home. We can restore them to look brand new again

Shop Fronts

Does your shop front  joinery need attention or a colour change ?

Oxidized Window Frames

YES.. We fully restore those faded, oxidized and dull looking frames to look amazing again

Restoring Garage Doors

YES..  95% of ALL garages are right at the front of your home and the first thing people see. 

Aluminium Guttering

YES. We can spray paint and protect guttering when doing the joinery. 

Retro Fit Double Glazing

YES.. the new beading highlights how oxidized the old frames are.
WE CAN MATCH them up to all look brand new as one again.  

Colour Change Joinery

YES.. if needed we can even colour change old joinery to modernise or colour match if different frames as per this conservatory

Commercial Work

The Trust Waikato Offices in Hamilton wanted the ‘designer rust panels’ protected for the long term. 
(Top panels uncoated in picture)

Why Choose Us

We are a small family run Waikato business that strives to give the best quality work at affordable prices. We know the value of referrals and attain so many spin offs from a job in a neighborhood that we treat restoration as a show piece and give it maximum attention to detail. Which means every job comes out perfect for you the client


We use top quality products and charge at an affordable price


We guarantee you’ll be happy with the end result or we do it again.


We arrive when we say and finish on time weather permitting